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what happens to a dream deferred?

On a journey such as this and as the weeks progress, you find yourself starting to view what you see and what you hear through the lens of your own practice, your own environment and your own political backdrop. You start to bring into focus those unsettling and unshared thoughts you’ve held for long about learning and teaching, content and knowledge, children and teachers and even the very purpose of school. Continue reading

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little factories of understanding

A highlight at the ICPIC Conference in Vancouver was to hear and meet Kieran Egan, philosopher and educator at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and the founder of Imaginative Education Research Group. Egan is regarded as one of the … Continue reading

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it’s not about ‘me’ but ‘we’.

As I review today’s photos I understand why Suzanne Axelsson, a philosophy teacher at the Filosofiska Förskola (philosophy preschool) in Stockholm is so highly considered as a practitioner for philosophy with very young children. I have been following Suzanne through her blog Interaction Imagination … Continue reading

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philosophy is everywhere

Not only can we do philosophy with very young children but we must do it for it is the evidence that we are listening and respecting children’s dialogues. I visited Maaike Lahaise, the Director of skrubbelund barnehage (scrubland preschool), a government … Continue reading

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we have the ‘why do’ but where is the ‘how to’?

I met with Beate Borresen, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education at the Oslo and Akershus University College and a prominent advocate for philosophical inquiry with children. She had been referred through contacts both in Norway and Sweden and the several hours we … Continue reading

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a universe of learning

Here we were in Norwich, two grandmothers sitting on the floor opening match boxes holding miniatures – small stimuli that expand into big questions, discussions and ‘a universe of learning’. That quote came from Charlie (4) when he was describing … Continue reading

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the trinity of theory+practice+training

I am in Oxford visiting SAPERE, the Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education. My interest is to look at the training and the delivery of philosophy in schools. In New South Wales, we run a … Continue reading

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